Warm-up comes first!

Proper warm-up is essential to Monkey Moves play. Maximize your Monkey Moves success with the guide below. Ensure the safety of yourself and others by doing these six warm-up stretches before you even begin playing.

This game requires physical activity; use caution during play.

• Clear the play area before playing.

• Warm up before playing. For a complete warm-up, use the guide below.

• Use parental supervision for children under age 8.

• If you feel that any move is unsafe for you or any other participant, discard the move from the deck.

• Do not play if you are sick, dizzy, injured, intoxicated, or suffering from any other condition that may inhibit you from safely attempting these moves. 


20 Jumping Jacks


Clap your hands at the top, and bring your arms  to your sides at the bottom.

Jog in Place for 30 seconds


Get your heart pumping! Lift your knees up, or kick your bum for an extra challenge.

10 Toe Touches


Keep your legs straight and let your head hang while reaching for your toes.

5 Side Lunges


Take a wide stance, bend one knee, and reach to one side. Hold for 5 seconds on each side.

Shoulders and Neck


Pull your arm across your chest, and lean your head to one side. Hold for 10, then switch sides.



Place your palms together, open like a book, and place your palms on the floor. Gently press into your palms.

Active warm-ups are engaging and effective! Adding an animal movement such as a "bear crawl" or "duck walk" to your stretching routine is a fun and silly way to get everyone ready for Monkey Moves.