Monkey Moves Cards: NEW DECK!


Monkey Moves Cards

The monkeys can do it all. Upside-down. Mirroring. On one foot. In the air. They have balance, flexibility, and strength… but so do you. 

Our NEW DECKS are just in!! Twice the size, and 14 new moves!

Monkey Moves is the ultimate game to test your trust, coordination, and ability to have fun. Pair with a fellow monkey and get your body moving to mimic the monkey moves on each card. The game is in your hands as you and your partner strategize to earn more points than your opponents. Calibrate on Level 1, risk it with Level 2, or jump straight into challenging Level 3 moves. Higher level moves are harder, but worth more points. And remember, it’s always worth trying the move, or your opponents can try to steal.

Are YOU up to the challenge? 

Recommended ages 8+

Play competitively or just for fun.

Great for developing strength, flexibility, trust, balance, and more

Deck includes 42 cards, 14 of each level.

$12.95 [add to cart above]

PREORDER: Introductory Curriculum


Introductory Curriculum

Debuting at SHAPE America 2019! 

PREORDER WITH NO SHIPPING NOW: Preorders will be shipped May 10!

Monkey Moves Introductory Curriculum encourages young students to pair up to learn to work together. Students will gain balance, coordination, strength and flexibility in addition to their collaborative social skills. Great for use in stations or as instructor-led activities for PE, APE, Health, OT, PT, and regular ed classes. Glossary of moves breaks down ways to progress through moves: introduce a stretching or strengthening flow, or focus on increasing levels of physical interaction between your students. 

• Ideal for classroom Brain Breaks

• Great Instant Activity

• 8.5" x 11" cards are easily visible

• 36 action cards

• Group play options included

• Recommended ages 4-8 or Special Needs

Each Card Contains: 

• One Monkey Move (no repeating moves with Monkey Moves Cards above) Each move is unique and designed to work different flexibility, strength, balance, and points of physical interaction. 

• A fun story line to talk to students about what shape their bodies are making

• Three tips to successfully execute the move

• One physical activity term to establish a common language of body movement

• A bonus "challenge" move!

$129.95 (add to cart above)

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Monkey Moves Cards: Reviews

Lori- Camp Leader


Monkey Moves was a fabulous activity with all the kids ranging from 4 years to 12 years and the teenage crew leaders got right into it as well! The parents enjoyed seeing the photos that were included in the daily newsletter. To sum it up, it was funderful!

Kelleena - Gift Giver


I never have any idea what to buy for my friends' children (birthday, holidays, etc.). I purchased several decks and have gifted them to tons of kids ranging in age from 5 - 16. The cards have been a huge hit and now every time I visit their home, they can't wait to show me the new moves they have mastered! Great gift idea!

Alex - Parent


This game is a blast!! Monkey Moves is the real deal to get you moving. It really pushes you into some out of norm poses!!! We laughed and laughed. 

Kelly - Youth Group Leader


I obtained Monkey Moves especially for Youth Group. We played it Sunday night and it was a BIG hit, there was much laughter, many smiles and great bonding. We are going on a retreat in a couple weeks and will definitely be bringing Monkey Moves with us. Thank you for creating it.

Carly - Parent


My boys love this!!! They have been playing non stop for 30 minutes. Creative and active. Perfect!

Candy - Parent, Blogger


View her product review here!



Marina - Mother

Some games are just the cutest. And this is definitely one of them. I love when my son and his little buddies connect in ways other than Minecraft or Wii while hanging out at home. There seem to be less and less games that are fun, entertaining, and can literally be placed in the back pocket of your pants. Andddd, get you moving and grooving with your buds. Monkey Moves is a small pack of cards with a ton of fun moves that make you do funny positions. But also, from listening to the boys play, there is a lot of trusting each other, which is an invaluable skill that I wasn't aware they could learn from a game. [Read full post]


Katherine- Sister

The Monkey Moves Game is so much fun!!! My twin brother and sister, Mia and Mitchell, absolutely love this game!!! They are 7 years old but this game is perfect for anyone of any age. Ok, let me admit, Mia and Mitchell love to watch TV and they love to watch videos on their iPads. But not one time during this game did they say “Can I please go watch some TV?” Throughout the whole game, they were laughing, smiling and having fun. They worked together as a team to try and complete the pose. You can play this game anywhere; at the park, at home, at the beach, etc. This game allows parents, siblings, family, and friends to gather together and have FUN in a physical game!!!! There were three different levels that range from easiest to hardest. Mia’s favorite level was Level 2 and Mitchell’s favorite level was Level 3!! Mia and Mitchell are some funny monkeys themselves and Monkey Moves is the perfect game for anyone!! 


Kim Ferrie- PE Teacher

I really liked having this new activity to try in PE Class! It was something different and my students loved the "Monkey Moves Card Characters". There was very little I had to explain. I like how the students worked together to create the Monkey Move Poses. I have been teaching for over 25 years, and this game/activity really brought my students together. They worked as a team, trusted each other and it seemed everyone had a chance to provide feedback, make suggestions and participate. The best part is how much fun they had!! They laughed and laughed. Some of my students came back at lunch recess to practice more. That is a successful game/activity!! I will also be using Monkey Moves for the end of my Gymnastics Unit. Maybe even in some partner centers. Great work Monkey Moves!

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