Move your body, not just your eyes.


Upside-down. Mirrored. In the air. Monkeys have balance, flexibility, and strength... but so do you.

Get everybody movin' with Monkey Moves cards! Partner up and mimic the monkeys' pose on each card. Play competitively or just for fun. Deck includes three levels of difficulty.

Great for developing strength, flexibility, trust, balance, and more

Deck includes 33 cards. 

Family Outing with Monkey Moves!

Corinne and Carys joined us at the park for a morning full of Monkey Moves. They might be new monkey movers, but you'd never know! Watch this video to get a glimpse of a super fun Monkey Moves experience.

Monkey Moves at College:

Watch some monkeys play as the game was tested during development at the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University, not to mention with a few local volunteer families!

Activity Time at VBS:

What fun we had playing Monkey Moves with summer campers at Harrisena! We had ages 4-15 all mixed in, but this variety didn't stop us from having fun. In fact, it made it even better!